Ozan Altinbas

My Short Life Story

I was born in Trabzon, in 1987.

I studied my elementary, secondary, highschool and university in Izmir. In 2009, I graduated from the University of Izmir Economics, with the Bachelor Degree of Computer Engineering. After graduation from the University in December 2009, I went to the military. After completing my military service in Sarikamis, a district of Kars, I started to work as a Design Solutions Engineer in NETAS, my first workplace in March 2011.

After working at NETAS for 3 years, in February 2014, I started to work as a Core Banking Software Specialist at Türk Ekonomi Bankası (TEB). After 4 years at TEB, I wanted to return to Izmir and started working as a Senior Backend Web Developer at OSF Global Services, where I have been working since February 2018. As of July 2019, I have been continuing my duty as Backend Technical Lead at OSF Global Services.

I enjoy making trips abroad, learning new things in my free times and making small scaled projects.

Some Pictures